The Campaign starts on board the Gobblers run a clipper heading towards taldor .
It is well sailing towards taldor, that they find the ship being taken over by pirates.
The pirate captain was in disguise as a merchant. Red eye Jake the pirate captain was after a map that was given to one of the pcs. A elven female druid that has made good friends with a parrot named Charlie.

The map is to some hidden treasure, but the pirates have been employed by people that was after a vial of ash. To the pirates it has little value to them but to the ones that are after the vial of ash, it holds great value and power. The pirates are defeated with help from the pc’s and red eye Jake was handed over to some guards at port.

It is well they visited one of the local taverns that they hear a tell of vanders lea. A small town where the villagers vanished. They hear it is cursed and over run by goblins. They are taken to within a few hours of a mad hermit that is claimed to be one of the towns people of vanders lea. They meet up with a the mad hermit and find out that the villagers was cursed and turned into wolfs. This was due to the hermit stealing a amulet and given to the mayor of vanders lea. The amulet was from a priest and a hero of this town, which is named after him.

When the amulet was taken and given to the mayor it allowed something to escape. Things did not go to plan and it was trapped within vanders lea and the hermit. Parts of its essence was also trapped within the towns folk. This was the reason they were turned into wolfs.

The pc which by now has been joined by a female half orc was able to return the amulet to to vanders lea in the crept. They found out only the mad hermit can return the amulet to its rightful place. After a few battles with dire rats and wolfs in a celler of one of the trade shops and getting the amulet off of the neck of the wolf that was the mayor. They was able to return the amulet but the price was the release of this shadowy form. This was meant to of happened and was foretold. They were able to defeat a number of shadows with a glowing dagger of some mysterious power. Given to them by a ghost of a priest of vanders lea church. With one of the pcs that was wearing the amulet tinted by the shadowy creature and was slowly taken a bit of a wolf like form and the escape of the shadow creature. time is now of the essence. They must now find all the vials of ashes before the shadows do. There maybe more than one faction after the same thing. The amulet bearer was healed of his infliction, but it has left a mark on him.

There is one more thing there is an assassin that killed the cook on the gobblers run. Her name is justice and she killed the cook due to a rape he committed. Lets just say she cut something off. All they know is her name is justice and the pc are assured they will meet her again.

O yes what about the parrot I hear people say. A jealous bird that has more than once told others to stay away from the druid she’s mine. He has also been taken the piss out of one of the pcs and sung a song for a good hour about one of the pc shooting his arrow and ending up his bottom There is more to this old bird than meets the eye.